About Quin & Bourke

Quin & Bourke is a business firmly focused on the success and well being of its clients. We are a firm dedicated to providing a value driven accounting service that focuses on the present and future financial, taxation and investment needs of our clients through efficient and thorough business and financial strategy services.

Quin & Bourke takes the time to listen to its clients. Quin & Bourke is an organization that is ready and waiting to deal with your financial, taxation and investment needs. We have a young, energetic team that is experienced in all areas of our expertise and who are equipped to take on any challenge. We embrace variety and change because life is full of change.  So take a leap and join us to make your financial life one that will prosper and grow.

The Partners of Quin & Bourke have over 35 years combined experience


Andrew Quin CPA

Andrew is a highly credentialed small business specialist who has over 20 years experience as a Certified Practising Accountant. He has developed long term relationships with many of his clients and has seen a number of them grow from start-ups to million dollar plus businesses. Andrew is recognised for his strong commercial sense and financial expertise and has assisted numerous businesses through a range of management, accounting & taxation issues and in their dealings with banks, customers, employees, shareholders & the ATO.

Ben Quin CPA

Combines high quality technical knowledge with a diversity of experience as both a small business and superannuation expert. He is known for his ability to think outside the square as well as being able to find pragmatic solutions to the many issues and problems that arise of a financial, commercial or taxation nature in the commercial world. Ben has over 15 years experience as a CPA after initially training as an engineer. He too has developed long term relationships with many of his clients who are now reaping the rewards of hard work, smart decisions and wise counsel.